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MG Electrifies Pakistan Launches MG4 Excite and Essence Electric Cars

The unveiling event held in Karachi showcased two variants of the MG4 – the 'Excite' and the top-of-the-line 'Essence,' expanding the options for eco-friendly motoring enthusiasts in the country.

MG Pakistan has taken a significant stride in the electric vehicle (EV) market with the official launch of the MG4, adding to its growing lineup of environmentally conscious vehicles. 

The MG4, initially introduced as MG Mulan in China earlier this year, boasts impressive performance metrics. With a robust motor offering up to 200 hp and a maximum torque of 250NM, the MG4 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.2 seconds. The Rear-Wheel-Drive system provides dynamic control, while a floating 10.25″ digital touchscreen integrates seamlessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for enhanced connectivity.

Equipped with Vehicle-to-Load capabilities and the MG Pilot active safety suite, the MG4 prioritizes advanced technology and safety features. The seamless integration of these elements aims to provide a modern and secure driving experience.

In the realm of electric vehicles, charging efficiency is paramount. MG claims that the MG4 can charge from 10% to 80% in just 35 minutes with a fast charger, offering convenience for on-the-go charging. The MG4 comes with different batteries for each variant, contributing to distinct ranges and price points.

The MG4 Excite, fitted with a 51 kWh battery, delivers an impressive 350 km range. Priced at PKR 10,999,000 (excluding freight & withholding tax), it aims to cater to those looking for an eco-friendly option without compromising range.

On the other hand, the MG4 Essence, priced at PKR 12,990,000 (excluding freight & withholding tax), features a larger 64 kWh battery, providing an outstanding 450 km range. This makes it a compelling choice for those considering inter-city travel, especially on motorways.

MG4 is now available at all MG dealerships across Pakistan, marking a strategic move by MG to establish a strong presence in the growing market for electric vehicles.

The official launch of MG4 underlines MG Pakistan’s commitment to fostering sustainable mobility solutions, offering consumers eco-friendly options without compromising on performance and modern features. Arsalan Khattak’s coverage captures the essence of this pivotal moment in Pakistan’s automotive landscape, signaling a greener and more innovative future for the industry.

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