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Australia’s Most Liveable Suburbs – All you need to know!

The latest survey offers valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of suburban living in Australia and the factors that influence residents' perceptions of liveability.

The Australian Liveability Census 2023 conducted by data analysts at Place Score has unveiled the top 10 most liveable suburbs in the nation. The census gathered over 50,000 responses from residents across Australia to assess the liveability of various suburbs and states.

Subiaco topped the ranking as it’s a charming inner-west suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Subiaco’s appeal lies in its connectivity to other areas, a wide range of amenities, diverse dining options, numerous shops, and, of course, the iconic Subiaco Stadium.

Place Score founder, Kylie Legge, emphasized that mixed-density inner-city environments with established landscapes are perceived as the most liveable. This conclusion suggests that older suburbs with over a century’s worth of investment and amenities tend to outshine newer developments.

The census assessed each area based on a ‘place experience’ score out of 100, and Subiaco secured the top spot with a score of 81. Notably, three states, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia, dominated the list of top 10 suburbs, with each claiming three entries. In contrast, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory did not have a single suburb featured in the top rankings.

Australia’s Top 10 Most Liveable Suburbs for 2023:

  1. Subiaco, Western Australia (score of 81)
  2. Lane Cove, New South Wales (score of 79)
  3. Hunters Hill, New South Wales (score of 78)
  4. Boroondara, Victoria (score of 77)
  5. Surf Coast Shire, Victoria (score of 77)
  6. Vincent, Western Australia (score of 77)
  7. North Sydney, New South Wales (score of 76)
  8. Cambridge, Western Australia (score of 76)
  9. Port Phillip, Victoria (score of 76)
  10. Noosa, Queensland (score of 76)

The survey revealed that Victoria shared the top position with South Australia as the best state to live in, while Queensland secured seventh place. However, a common theme emerged, showing a decline in liveability for many areas when compared to the 2021 census.

Participants in the census rated various aspects of their living situations, including open spaces, a sense of community, and belonging to their neighborhoods. Notably, the perception of liveability differed among various age groups, with those over 65 reporting a higher quality of life. In contrast, individuals under 25 years old expressed lower levels of satisfaction and wellbeing, with only 57 percent reporting good mental health.

The census also underscored the significance of population density, with Australia’s top 10 densest areas boasting eight percent better liveability than the national average.

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