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  • EU and FATF issues

    Pakistan has been making steady progress to implement the action plans of the Financial Action Task Force . Though the European Union has welcomed this progress, we are yet to see this praise…

  • Another round

    Pakistan must begin once again its battle against the Covid-19 virus, with the threat of the Omicron variant becoming a near-reality – as a woman in Karachi is suspected of having contracted it….


  • Faux surprise

    Whenever a dastardly act like the murder of the Sri Lankan factory manager takes place, our politicians and ulema are quick to condemn it. They self-righteously declare that such acts of…

  • Firefighting

    In the last few weeks, various incidents of fire were reported in different areas of Karachi. Previously, shop owners suffered losses due to frequent closure of markets during the Covid-19 pandemic….

  • Drought-like

    It is undeniably true that Pakistan has been facing an acute water shortage. However, there seem to be no concrete measures underway to resolve this problem. Sindh receives less water from River…

  • Milking health

    Pakistan is seeing a rise in milk being sold in unhygienic containers. Such milk is often unpasteurised and quite injurious to health as it can get contaminated easily. Sellers add water to the milk…

  • Bans, bans

    The National Command and Operations Centre has placed Ireland in Covid-19 travel Category C on December 6 and has banned travel from Ireland to Pakistan. One finds this measure immensely unfair and…

  • Climate carnage

    One of the biggest problems created by climate change is the greenhouse effect, which leads to global warming. The use of machines has led to an increase in the production of carbon dioxide.The…

  • Seeped in darkness

    Karachi is known as the city of lights. These days, however, it is fast heading into darkness. Despite generating the largest share of the country’s GDP and being home to two major ports, the city…

  • Plastic panic

    This is to draw the attention of the authorities to the problem of increasing plastic waste, which is hazardous to the environment. These days, plastic is used in everything and everywhere. Since it…

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