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TikTok launches dedicated Transparency Centre

TikTok launches dedicated Transparency Centre

LAHORE – TikTok has launched a dedicated Transparency Center, to reinforce its commitment to accountability to its audiences. The updated Center will house the platform’s historical annual and quarterly Transparency Reports, in addition to upcoming interactive reports. The launch accompanies the latest H1 2021 Content Removal Requests Reports, also announced the other day. The Transparency Center and Reports are available in Urdu language as well.  

The platform diligently releases Transparency Reports, in recognition of the importance of staying accountable to the actions taken to safeguard the platform and protect its integrity. To build trust through transparency, TikTok began releasing reports in 2019 and have continued to evolve the studies and findings with new, deeper, and industry-first data disclosures. Key highlights include the volume of suspected underage account removals made, or the number of ads rejected for not meeting TikTok’s stringent standards. 

To continue building on its transparency efforts, TikTok incorporated feedback from civil society organizations and experts to further develop refreshed report formats, now offering downloadable data in machine readable formats. Additionally, reports aim to be visually appealing, with interactive charts and graphs to better illustrate data and actions taken. To best reach its global audience, the reports will be published in 26 languages, including Urdu, English, French, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese,Russian and Arabic, amongst others.

Source: The Nation

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