The Crown’s Timepiece: A Royal Masterpiece by Renad Al-Amoudi

The unveiling of The Crown’s Timepiece at Jeddah International Luxury Week created a buzz among the attendees and media.

The stunning item grabbed all the attention at the event to put its designer in the spotlight. (Supplied)

In the world of luxury watches, one timepiece stole the spotlight at the prestigious Jeddah International Luxury Week. Renowned Saudi designer Renad Al-Amoudi unveiled her extraordinary creation—a one-piece watch originally made for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The exquisite timepiece, aptly named “The Crown’s Timepiece,” mesmerized attendees with its blend of regal elegance, innovative design, and meticulous craftsmanship.

A Royal Collaboration: Renad Al-Amoudi, a young and talented Saudi designer, was bestowed with a rare opportunity—to craft a watch exclusively for the esteemed Crown Prince. Inspired by his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to excellence, Al-Amoudi set out to create a timepiece that would embody the Crown Prince’s spirit and reflect the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia.

The founder and designer of Renad Al-Amoudi pursued higher education at a distinguished university in the UK, specializing in product design and its contemporary methodologies. She further enriched her knowledge after graduation through an immersive training program in Geneva that spanned six months.

Every aspect of The Crown’s Timepiece was carefully considered and executed with the utmost precision. The watch features a one-piece construction, a testament to Al-Amoudi’s technical prowess and attention to detail. The seamless integration of the case, dial, and strap showcases her ability to seamlessly blend form and function.

The aesthetic appeal of The Crown’s Timepiece is undeniable. Al-Amoudi drew inspiration from traditional Saudi motifs. The watch boasts intricate engravings, reminiscent of intricate Islamic art, which pay homage to the Crown Prince’s commitment to preserving Saudi Arabia’s traditions while embracing modernity.

Only the finest materials were chosen to create The Crown’s Timepiece. The case is meticulously crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The dial, adorned with elegant Arabic numerals, features a lustrous mother-of-pearl finish, adding a touch of opulence. To complete the regal look, the strap is made from supple, hand-stitched alligator leather.

The unveiling of The Crown’s Timepiece at Jeddah International Luxury Week created a buzz among the attendees and media. Renowned fashion publications, lifestyle influencers, and horology enthusiasts were captivated by the watch’s exceptional beauty and the story behind its creation. The watch’s association with the Crown Prince further elevated its prestige, making it an object of desire for collectors and watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Through The Crown’s Timepiece, Renad Al-Amoudi successfully captures the essence of Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage and translates it into a contemporary masterpiece. Her design philosophy perfectly balances tradition and innovation, making this exceptional timepiece a testament to the evolving luxury landscape in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Renad Al-Amoudi’s creation, The Crown’s Timepiece, is a remarkable fusion of artistic expression and horological expertise. This exceptional timepiece not only pays homage to the Crown Prince’s visionary leadership but also serves as an ambassador of Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage to the world of luxury.

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