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SBP introduces ‘Asaan Mobile Account’ – Daily Times

The ‘Asaan Mobile Account’ programme will be introduced by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday (today). The central bank said in a press statement that the programme was established as part of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy to make remote account opening through branchless banking easier for users. By using the Asaan Mobile Account (AMA) initiative, clients can open and control their accounts without ever having to leave their homes, according to SBP. Collaboration amongst SBP, PTA, NADRA, 13 BB providers, all CMOs, and the Virtual Remittance Gateway resulted in the solution being built for use by Pakistan’s citizens and businesses alike (VRG). In order to create an interoperable platform enabling any Pakistani to open an account with a bank, the branchless banking providers and cellular mobile operators are working together with AMA to deliver an interoperable platform. “AMA will play a critical role in reaching out to the low-income sectors that do not have access to the internet. ‘ In addition, AMA will be an ideal channel for onboarding female customers as well,” said the bank’s statement.

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