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  • Ponniyin Selvan Day 4 box office revenues; astonishing hold, Tamil Nadu’s biggest non-holiday Monday ever

Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan

Ponniyin Selvan Day 4 box office revenues; astonishing hold, Tamil Nadu’s biggest non-holiday Monday ever

  • At the Indian box office, Ponniyin Selvan had a fantastic Monday
  • Earning close to Rs. 25 crores approximately, bringing its four-day total to Rs. 138 crores approximately
  • Only 35% less was collected on Monday compared to Sunday, which is an exceptional hold given the level of business the movie is generating.

Yesterday in Tamil Nadu, the movie broke Vikram’s previous non-holiday Monday record with an estimated collection of Rs. 16.50–17 crores. Only Bigil, which earned Rs. 17.90 crores throughout the Diwali vacation, had a higher Monday take. The only other Monday with a double-digit gross was Labor Day weekend, when Baahubali 2 brought in Rs. 10.40 crores.

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The film’s box office bonanza continues today as well, with Tuesday’s pre-sales beginning the day higher than Monday’s. The collections can increase today, and it’s feasible that the movie would surpass Rs. 100 crores in the state by day’s end after only five days since its premiere. Previously, a film in Tamil Nadu might reach the three-digit threshold in seven days. PS-1 can beat that time by a full two days.

The following table lists Ponniyin Selvan’s box office earnings in India:

Friday – Rs. 38.50 crores

Saturday – Rs. 35.75 crores

Sunday – Rs. 39 crores

Monday – Rs. 24.75 crores

Total – Rs. 138 crores

In Tamil Nadu, PS-1 is anticipated to earn more than Rs. 125 crores in its opening week, breaking the previous record by at least 25%. It would appear that Vikram’s entire run may be completed in two weeks, if not by the third weekend. Even 200 crores appear doable at this moment; yet, considering how yesterday’s events played out, it seems improbable that that will happen. The film’s ultimate goal will be to surpass Baahubali 2’s statewide box office performance. Vikram managed to smash the box office record earlier this year, but Baahubali 2 still only attracted 1.22 crores of viewers in Tamil Nadu. It would be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming weeks as Ponniyin Selvan has the momentum to take down the giant.

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Ponniyin Selvan’s box office performance in India is broken down by region as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 82 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 16 crores

Karnataka – Rs. 14.25 crores

Kerala – Rs. 12.25 crores

North India – Rs. 13.50 crores

Total – Rs. 138 crores

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