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Nisar Bazmi’s 97th birth anniversary celebrated

Nisar Bazmi’s 97th birth anniversary celebrated


Nisar Bazmi’s 97th birth anniversary celebrated

MULTAN – Pride of Performance  music maestro, Nisar Bazmi, was well versed with use of  orchestra which resulted into peerless and evergreen songs for Pakistan film industry.

Talking to newsmen in connection with 97th birth anniversary of celebrated musician, known composer Ustad Sagheer Ahmad said that Nisar Bazmi was master of using orchestra. “Bazmi sahib knew which instrument would be used after one and another while arranging music for a beautiful song”, he said adding that the great musician contributed amazing songs for the industry through  films like “ Umrao Jaan Ada, Lakhon Main Eik, Naag Muni, Tehzeeb, Anjuman, Eik Gunnah Aur Sahi  and the list goes on. Ustad Sagheer, who has been associated with music industry for the last over 45 years, reminisced that Bazmi sahib composed  songs keeping in view the situations of the story of the films. 

Nisar Bazmi was very melodious himself, he disclosed and added that he (Bazmi) had a command over “ Raags”. Born as Syed Nisar Shah, he was popularly known as Nisar Bazmi  who was a musician par excellence ,the music teacher said. Both of his parents were “ Syed” by caste, he informed. He had great command over  “club songs, Ustad Sagheer said and added that use of villain and sitar was amazing in songs composed by Bazmi sahib. “ Aisa Bhi Hota Ha’ was the film which became his identity, he maintained adding that “Ho Tamuna Aur Kia, Jaan-i-Tamuna Aap Hn” by Noor Jehan was one of the sweet numbers of the film and favourite of Bazmi sahib. 

 He was a clamberer as a musician, Ustad Sagheer disclosed.      

Bhagun “ Mun mandir ke Devat Rakhyo Hamrai Laaj”  in Lakhon  Main Eik’ sung by Melody Queen, Noor Jehan and picturized on Shamim Ara and others dancers  is simply outstanding. He made his place among great music directors of his era including Rasheed Atray 

Station Director Radio Pakistan Multan, Asif Khan Khatraan stated that he was a matchless composer.

 He said that the history of Pakistan film music would be incomplete without name of Nisar Bazmi adding that he composed for about 75 Pakistani films.

 Bazmi sahib composed both songs of joy and sorrow for films and PTV but ,element of happiness prevailed in his compositions, he informed.

 Famous Singer, Rahat Multanikr informed that Bazmi sahib  was a cultured musician and civility was focus of his compositions. She stated that songs composed by him are  still alive in hearts of music lover specially his fans adding that he got Rona Lalla, Mehnaz Begaum and Naheed Akhtar sung superbly. 

 Mohabbat Mei Tere Sar Ki Qasam” Ho Tamanna Aur Kya Jaan-E-Tamanna Aap Hain””Chalo Achha Hua Tum Bhool Gaye, “Aisey Bhi Hain Meharban”, Ranjish Hi Sahi” Mohay Aaii Na Jag Say Laaj, Mein Itna Zor Say Naachi Aaj, Ke Ghunghroo Toot Gaey” Ik Husn Ki Devi Se Mujhe Pyar Hoa, Katay Na Kuttay Re Ratya Saiyan Intizar Me” are some of his heart touching songs, she informed.  Sarwar Shah, an old fan of Nisar Bazmi, said that he used to watch films eagerly whose music was composed by the great musician because of the tremendous songs composed by him.

 Name of Bazmi sahib considered to be a guarantee for success of a film in golden era of Pakistan film industry, he said adding that he enjoyed himself the music composed by him even these days too.

Bzmi sahib introduced Alamgir, Tahir Syeda and Humaira Channa in the industry, he recalled.


Source: The Nation

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