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TPL, WWF-Pakistan join forces to restore Karachi’s coastal ecosystem

KARACHI-TPL, a leading technology-driven conglomerate, has teamed up with WWF-Pakistan to make a lasting impact on Karachi’s coastal ecosystem. The event, which took place at the WWF Wetland Centre in Karachi, demonstrated TPL’s commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement.
The Mangrove Plantation activity brought together employees – to participate in a series of meaningful activities aimed at raising awareness and actively contributing to the preservation of our coastal treasures. The day began with an informative session led by WWF-Pakistan, where participants gained insights into the critical role played by mangroves in protecting coastal regions and the ecosystem. Armed with knowledge, participants then took to planting mangrove saplings, symbolizing their dedication to a greener future. A captivating educational transit walk through the lush mangrove forests followed, deepening participants’ appreciation for the natural beauty and ecological importance of these coastal wonders. The walk was complemented by a meditation session, offering a tranquil moment for reflection in the heart of nature.
But the event wasn’t all contemplation; it was also a call to action. Participants engaged in a beach cleanup, taking a hands-on approach to shoreline cleanliness by removing debris and plastic waste. The day concluded with a boating excursion, allowing attendees to connect with the surroundings and the importance of preserving them. Ali Asgher, CEO, TPL REIT Management Company (TPL RMC), who actively participated in the Mangrove Plantation, underscored TPL’s dedication to sustainability, saying, “TPL is committed to environmental preservation. Our partnership with WWF-Pakistan for the Mangrove Plantation reflects our desire to inspire positive change within our community.”

Source: nation.com.pk

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