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Senate seeks to promote literacy among children


The Senate on Monday adopted a unanimous resolution seeking urgent steps and initiatives by the government to promote literacy among children across the country.

The resolution, moved by Senator Sana Jamali, highlighted the fundamental right of every child to access quality education, emphasising the need for gender-neutral, geographically inclusive, and socioeconomically equitable educational opportunities.

The resolution asked the government to take effective steps to promote the literacy for children and youth in general and girls in particular across the country, and also strengthen the non-formal education system on an urgent basis to deliver the programmes.

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It asked for promoting skills-based and innovative learning models to provide right to education to out-of-school children and youth with a special focus on girls’ education to facilitate life-long learning.

The resolution stressed to take steps in order to promote gender equality in education and eliminate disparities by ensuring girls’ and women access to quality education, besides eliminating any barriers, impeding their access to education. It called for launching comprehensive awareness campaigns to inform both urban and rural communities about the significance of education through outreach programmes, workshops, and community events in collaboration with the stakeholders and partners.

The resolution pleaded for prioritising and substantially increasing the funding for education and literacy programmes and devising mechanisms to ensure transparency in the allocation and utilisation of budgets for education in the country.

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