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Rangers rescue trapped Indian youth at border – Pakistan

RAHIM YAR KHAN: Pakistan Rangers sources say that they rescued a 17-year-old Indian youth who was trapped in the fence at the Pakistan-India border near Kakiwala, 150 kilometres from Rahim Yar Khan, on Friday.

According to Rangers sources, the youth, identified as Bapan and a resident of Kuldhara, an Indian village eight kilometres from the border, had been stuck in the border fence for the past 70 hours and was suffering from extreme thirst.

Pakistan Rangers personnel, while on their routine patrol, discovered Bapan and immediately provided him with water and first aid. Later, he was shifted to a nearby facility of the border force for a medical examination.

During the medical checkup, it was revealed that Bapan had difficulty speaking properly and appeared to be mentally vulnerable. Officials also found a ration card (Aadhar Card) and a locket belonging to his mother. Later, he was moved to Islamgarh police station in Khanpur.

The first information report, however, says complainant Usman, a Rangers personnel, reported that their personnel were on patrol duty in the desert area of Chah Ghunianwala in their official vehicle.

During their patrol, they encountered a suspicious youth, approximately 17/18 years old, who identified himself as Bapan, the son of Matla Sakat, from the Sambar clan, of Sabqat, Rajasthan province of India. The Rangers personnel found Indian Rs110.

Bapan could not provide a reasonable explanation for his presence in the area.

It was determined that Bapan had crossed the Pakistan border illegally without a valid reason, thereby committing an offence under section ¾ of the Entry Act 1952 and section 14 of the Foreigner Act 1946.

Published in Dawn, October 16th, 2023

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