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PWDs should be made economically stable: Wali

Governor Balochistan, Malik Abul Wali Khan Kakar stressed that measures should be taken to make the persons with disability (PWDs) economically stable and taken into consideration at all stages of economic and social planning in the country. On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, he conveyed the message of solidarity with disabled to the world level so that they can also play a dynamic and effective role in the society.

Wali Kakar said that the persons with disabilities may be a victim of physical disability, despite that they could enjoy a decent life by utilizing their capabilities to engage in a useful, productive and remunerative occupation. He called for the allocation of special posts at higher levels in every department for persons with disabilities (PWDs) according to their qualifications and capabilities to secure and retain employment.

The governor said that the offices in various government buildings related to persons with disabilities should be on the ground floor so that it is easy for them to visit relevant offices for their work. Wali Kakar said in his message regarding the International Day of Persons with Disabilities that he has understand that in any house where there is a disabled person by birth or by accident, in such cases, the whole family members are also in trouble. In that context, all the family members of disabled people, especially parents, deserve tribute.He added that due to the unsympathetic attitudes of the society and lack of facilities for person with disabilities, their lives can also become miserable.

Source: pakobserver.net

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