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PSX gains 237pts

ISLAMABAD – The 100-index of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) contin­ued with a bullish trend on Monday and gained 237.88 points, a positive change of 0.48 per cent, closing at 49,731.35 points against 49,493.47 points the previous day. A total of 467,383,787 shares valuing Rs 14.119 billion were trad­ed during the day as com­pared to 556,389,862 shares valuing Rs 15.450 billion the previous day. As many as 359 companies trans­acted their shares in the stock market; 218 of them recorded gains and 129 sus­tained losses, whereas the share price of 12 compa­nies remained unchanged. The three top-trading com­panies were K-Electric Ltd with 98,168,338 shares at Rs 3.15 per share, PTCL with 22,603,000 shares at Rs 6.95 per share and Pak Int. Bulk with 22,073,500 shares at Rs 4.59 per share. Nestle Pakistan witnessed a maximum increase of Rs 102.00 per share price, clos­ing at Rs 7,300.00, whereas the runner-up was Philip Morris Pak with a Rs 40.50 rise in its per share price to Rs 580.50. Rafhan Maize witnessed a maximum de­crease of Rs 178.11 per share closing at Rs 8,200.00, followed by Pak Hotels with a Rs 38.30 decline to close at Rs 484.71.



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