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Two rules

Updated 17 Oct, 2023

PPP, PTI are right in asking why Nawaz is being ‘welcomed’ by the state rather than a solemn reckoning with law.

Decrease in oil prices

17 Oct, 2023

THE latest 12.3pc and 4.7pc decrease in the retail prices of petrol and diesel for the second half of this month …

Slain workers

17 Oct, 2023

IT was murder most foul, when six construction workers were gunned down in Balochistan’s Turbat city in the early…

Rogue nation

Updated 16 Oct, 2023

India cannot go around murdering people in other countries with impunity. There must be severe consequences imposed on it.

Delay in projects

16 Oct, 2023

AS the old adage ‘there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’ goes, the much-delayed rail track project — Main…

Brutal people

16 Oct, 2023

OUR inner demons are at their loudest as bodies of women, the poor and minorities become battlefields of choice. The…

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