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PIA ‘forgets’ two coffins at NYC airport

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has ‘left’ two coffins in New York City that were to be transferred to Karachi.

According to a report published by a private media outlet, the national carrier ‘forgot’ two coffins at New York City port as the flight departed for Karachi.

Spokesperson of the national airline claimed that the mistake was on part of a luggage handling agency however, penalty and strict legal action would be taken against those responsible.

One of the two bodies had to be laid to rest in a New York City graveyard whereas the other is to be handed over to the mourning family in Karachi on November 1st via an arriving Etihad Airline flight.

The tragic development surfaced a few days after it was reported that flight operations to the United States were to be ended across Pakistan while offices of the financially struggling national airline in New York were also to be shut.

Several incidents of misplaced luggage have earlier been reported over the years by PIA customers.

Family of one of the deceased, 26year-old Nauman had requested Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to help bring back the body as soon as possible.

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