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PCMA announces full support to curb fake cosmetics

ISLAMABAD-Counterfeiters and producers of substandard cosmetics will be held accountable in a rigorous manner. Punishments of upto three years and substantial fines will be imposed, after establishment of an authority, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, as Pakistan General Cosmetics Bill 2023 has already been passed.
Additionally, existing items and machinery will also be confiscated, while Pakistan Cosmetics Manufacturers Association would provide its full support to the government in this regard. This was stated by Chairman Pakistan Cosmetics Manufacturers Association (PCMA), Rizwan Hamid, in a statement issued on Sunday, in context of World Standards Day, celebrated all over the World including Pakistan on October 14.
Rizwan Hamid further stated that after the enactment of the Act, an authority will come into operation that will include four professionals from the beauty industry, as well as legal, pharmaceutical, and dermatological experts. Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) will be responsible to develop all the standards of cosmetics. The PCMA chairman also mentioned that they are actively promoting a culture of quality in the beauty industry by collaborating with the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority and the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. They are organising industry visits for other association members and conducting seminars and workshops to provide guidance for improving their products. Like other developed countries, Pakistan also has great potential in the beauty industry, and it is contributing significantly to the national economy and development.
As per a website report, the beauty industry revenue amounted to $528.6 billion in 2022, and is expected to reach $579.20 billion in 2023, and $716 billion by 2025, he said and added that the hectic life, pollution, and exposure to many other chemicals from the surrounding affect the skin and hair, causing skin issues and hair damage. Hence, with the wide range of cosmetics available to address the skin issues, the market is rapidly growing. Through cooperation with government agencies, PSQCA and DRAP, the local beauty industry will soon achieve a significant position in the world. Besides providing services to the cosmetics industry, PCMA has also actively supported flood victims last year by helping build homes for homeless families.

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