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PARTLY FACETIOUS: Caretakers in focus – Opinion

“I have attended a few annual meeting of these multilaterals.” “Right they are great forums to build contacts – finance ministers of member countries attend, though few donor countries bother to send the head of their economic teams…”

“So the US sends Donald Lu level…”

“Oh shush, don’t be facetious.”

“To underestimate the Donald Lu’s of the US State Department, and I am referring to the rank of Assistant Secretary of State…”

“I don’t, the US has only six assistant secretaries who report to the undersecretary for political affairs…”

“I bet you anything Pakistan would never ever support this job title. Under indeed, our foreign office would support a title of Over Secretary or Way Above…”

“Shush, don’t be facetious, anyway US assistant secretaries manage diplomatic missions within their designated region and…wait…there is an assistant secretary who deals with international organizations and one dealing with counterterrorism.”

“Fair enough and I for one don’t underestimate the power of Lu – he may after all be the root cause of a conviction against The Man Who Must Remain Nameless which would disqualify him for elections though I do have one question: isn’t a prime minister, the country’s chief executive entitled to declassify and share any cypher publicly, I mean Trump maintains…”

“I would have thought so. In any case, The Man Who Must Remain Nameless is defending himself in more than 150 cases so conclusions must be drawn within that perspective – in other words if the overarching objective is to disqualify him then that will surely happen in one or more than one of the 150 plus cases he is facing.”

“I guess, but anyway as I said earlier I have attended a few multilateral annual meetings and they are great contact building forums but if you are a caretaker…”

“I would again advise you: conclusions must be drawn within our perspective. Don’t forget we are in Pakistan where all sorts of aberrations are evident – be it from the constitution, from the law, from the…”

“Granted but you do realise that all previous caretakers have adhered to the three-month constitutional period except Soomro who was in the caretaker office from 16 November 2007 to 24 March 2008 – so less than a month a half of overtime…”

“What about Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa caretakers…”

“Stick to the federal government and look at the glass as half full – history is in the making on multiple…”

“Right, a man convicted not in absentia will return to this country amidst much fanfare and get bail?!”

“There you go – that is the change that the young ones have yearned for and it is finally going to be delivered gift wrapped…”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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