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Pakistan participates in ANUGA Food Fair in Germany

KARACHI-Pakistan participated in ANUGA Food Fair in Cologne, Germany, which was held from 7th-11th October. This year 52 companies displayed their products.
ANUGA, one of the world’s most renowned food & beverages food fairs, attracted participation from across the globe. The Pakistan pavilion covered a wide range of food sectors. Of the 37 companies that participated through TDAP, 19 hailed from the rice sector, emphasizing the significance of rice as one of Pakistan’s primary exports. These companies displayed an array of rice varieties, from Basmati to Long Grain, highlighting Pakistan’s role as a global rice producer. Additionally, 12 companies specializing in processed food participated, presenting an assortment of savory and sweet delicacies. Four companies from the salt sector exhibited Pakistan’s exquisite salt varieties, famous for their purity and exceptional quality. A single representative from the fruits and vegetables sector highlighted the potential for trade partnerships and high-quality produce from Pakistan.
Visitors to the Pakistan Pavilion had the opportunity to savor an array of delectable dishes and products, including biryani prepared with premium Basmati rice, pickles, snacks, and traditional sweets. The Pakistani companies effectively showcased their commitment to quality and innovation in the food industry.

Source: nation.com.pk

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