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NBP announces pilot launch of digital account – Business & Finance

KARACHI: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is pleased to announce the pilot launch of its digital account. The new service, once launched will enable account opening digitally for all customers.

People from across the country will be able to open an account with NBP, anytime, from anywhere, just by downloading the NBP Digital App and tapping on the “Open Account” to start the customer account opening journey conveniently.

This innovative platform is set to transform the banking experience for individual Pakistani customers.

NBP’s Digital Account Opening Services align with the Customers’ Digital Onboarding Framework (CDOF), and will offer a wide range of benefits to customers.

As part of our commitment to enhancing customer convenience, NBP plans to continually expand the range of services available through this digital platform.

At the occasion of the ceremony, NBP President & CEO Rehmat Ali Hasnie opened his Digital Account and commenting on this significant milestone, he stated, “At NBP, we are committed to providing innovative banking solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

The launch of the Digital Account service represents a major step in this direction, enabling customers to bank with ease, security, and convenience. We remain dedicated to delivering excellence in digital banking services, and this is just the beginning of our journey towards a more digitally inclusive future.”

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