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Medical colleges’ admissions process starts with around 4,000 applications on day one – Pakistan

LAHORE: The process of receiving applications for admission to medical and dental colleges in Punjab, both public and private, started on Monday and on the first day, around four thousand candidates submitted their applications.

Applications are being received through the University of Health Sciences'(UHS) online portal. Separate portals have been established for government and private medical and dental colleges for this purpose. Applicants can access the portal by visiting the official UHS website at www.uhs.edu.pk.

To register on the online portal, candidates are required to enter their and their fathers’ names, email, mobile number, and password. After completing seven easy stages, candidates can submit their applications, a UHS spokesperson said.

According to the UHS spokesperson, out of total 3,820 applicants, 2,399 applied for government colleges, while 1,421 for private medical and dental colleges. Applications will only be accepted through the online portal. Candidates can choose the preferences for all colleges in a single application.

For both government and private medical and dental colleges, applications will be accepted until 5:00 PM on October 31.

There are a total of 16 government medical colleges with 3,376 MBBS seats, and three dental colleges with 240 BDS seats. In addition, there are 32 private medical colleges with 4,000 MBBS seats and 17 dental colleges with 1,025 BDS seats.

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