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Lifebuoy joins forces with Jazz to make healthcare accessible for all

KARACHI-Lifebuoy, Pakistan’s No.1 hygiene brand, has announced its strategic partnership with Jazz, Pakistan’s premier telecommunications network, to advance its mission of improving healthcare access. With less than 50% of the country without access to healthcare, Lifebuoy in collaboration with Sehat Kahani, a telehealth service provider, has built a dedicated helpline providing free of cost doctor consultation. Huda Haroon, Senior Brand Manager Lifebuoy stated, “Lifebuoy soap has always been at the forefront of spreading awareness on the importance of hand hygiene. Taking this mission forward, Lifebuoy is now dedicated to enhancing access to healthcare in Pakistan. This signifies a broader commitment by Lifebuoy to not only inspire better hygiene practices but also to make healthcare more accessible to the remote communities.”
Amidst the challenges posed by rising healthcare costs and inflationary pressures, Jazz in collaboration with Lifebuoy, aims to raise awareness of this invaluable service. Jazz with its nationwide subscriber base is actively supporting the promotion of the Lifebuoy Telehealth Helpline (0800 – 13000). Shoaib Ehsan Aftab – Head of Brands and Communication on the importance of this initiative stated, “With an ambition to lead digital transformation in Pakistan, Jazz is leveraging the power of data science and artificial intelligence to predict healthcare needs and access for its valued customers, directing them to the Lifebuoy Telehealth service. This groundbreaking program will span over a three-month duration and involves a multi-pronged approach to healthcare needs assessment, tracking, and enhancement across various dimensions, including age, gender, income groups, geographical locations, and more.”



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