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KMC implements SAP applications to modernize operations – Pakistan

KARACHI: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has taken a monumental step towards modernizing its operations by implementing SAP Financials and SAP HCM and Payroll modules.

This strategic move enables the KMC to efficiently manage employees’ salaries and pensions, benefiting over 12,000 employees and 22,000 pensioners.

The deployment of SAP applications at the KMC introduces a range of salient features, including the Employee Data Base, which allows for seamless management of employee information.

Additionally, the system facilitates processes such as new employee on boarding, capturing detailed employee information, handling employee movements (transfer and recruitment), and managing organizational assignments.

The integration with other HR components such as country-specific payroll applications (Net Pay, Gross Pay, Total Deductions, etc) and financial accounting further enhances the efficiency and accuracy of operations.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Mayor Karachi, held the digitalization of processes as a great step towards stronger efficiency. Commending this initiative, he said, “This milestone reflects our commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of our workforce.

The implementation of SAP applications will not only streamline the operations but will also pave the way for enhanced service delivery to the people of Karachi.

The KMC is the only local council in Pakistan, where employees’ salaries and pensions have been shifted to the SAP system. This application will ensure transparency and expediency in employees’ affairs.”

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, commended the KMC for its forward-thinking approach towards digital transformation. He stated, “We are proud to partner with the KMC in this significant leap towards digitalizing public service.

This initiative exemplifies and reinforces the power of technology to revolutionize operations and ensure efficiency in public administration.”

The significance of this project is the notable involvement of the federal and provincial governments, who have led the implementation efforts with their in-house teams.

This underscores the remarkable functional and technical capacity achieved by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with SAP Solutions and technology.

The KMC has deployed Finance and HCM Payroll modules and is preparing for further integration incorporating Budgeting and Analytics, as the two potential functions for better decision-making.

The KMC is the pioneer among civic agencies in Pakistan to implement this innovative solution. This significant advancement is poised to revolutionize employee management within KMC, marking a major milestone in the digitization journey of Pakistani public entities. The ultimate focus is to serve the citizens of Pakistan most effectively and efficiently.

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