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Islamabad witnesses less than 100 corona cases in a week

ISLAMABAD            –        The federal capital in the previous week recorded less than 100 novel coronavirus cases (COVID-19) with below 5 percent cases positivity ratio, The Nation learnt on Saturday.

The data released by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) said that in the previous 24 hours, 98 positive cases were recorded, and a single death was reported due to the infection.

According to details, July 5th onwards, the number of cases remained below 100 while 13 deaths occurred in these days due to the infection.

The official data said that 85 infections were recorded on July 5th, 63 on July 6th, 93 on July 7th, 81 on July 8th, and 98 on July 10th.

In addition, three people died on July 5th, three on 6th July, none on 7th July, two on 8th July, four on 9th July and single death recorded on July 10th.

The number of cases in federal capital has become 13,927 with 147 deaths and 10,441 recoveries.

According to the District Health Officer data, nine cases have been reported in Soan Garden, eight in Jinnah Garden, seven in Ziraj Housing, six in G-8, five each in PWD, G-6 and Bharakahu, three each in Pakistan town, G-9, and F-10, two each in Shahzad Town, NPF, G-7, G-15, G-13, G-11, F-5, F-17, and DHA, and one each in Banigala, Mohra Naval Anchorage, Lehtrar, Gokina, G-5, G-10, E-11, F-8 and I-9.



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