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Fire breaks out at Cybernet-StormFiber Karachi head office, no casualties reported – Tech

Fire broke out at the Karachi head office of internet and television service provider StormFiber, powered by Cybernet, late Saturday night. No causalities or injuries were reported.

According to a statement issued by StormFiber following the incident, the fire was contained without any loss to networking equipment or servers. “As a precautionary measure, however, our power systems including the primary and secondary UPS were taken offline and the electric utility has also temporarily disconnected power to the site, causing an outage in our network in Karachi,” the statement said, adding: “Our team has initiated our disaster recovery processes.”

According to ProPakistani, the fire broke out on an administrative floor. It has yet to be determined what caused the fire.

Internet access for StormFiber customers was restored by Sunday morning.

Sharing an update on Sunday about internet connectivity, the company said some customers may experience a slowness in speed at this time. “However, these speeds should be back to normal as our network operations team increases traffic loads,” said the update.

“Our TV and phone services remain affected but our engineers are working around the clock to resume all services in the shortest time possible,” it added.

This outage has also affected StormFiber’s helpline and website, both of which remain temporarily unavailable, resulting in customers using Facebook and other social media platforms to report their concerns, added ProPakistani.

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