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Fatima Fertilizer’s Salam Kissan initiative acclaimed at Asian Experience Awards 2023 in Singapore

LAHORE-‘Salam Kissan’ is a flagship initiative of Fatima Fertilizer that aims to highlight the indispensable role of Pakistani farmers in protecting the economy and national food security. The most commendable achievement under this initiative was the proposal to celebrate December 18th as the official “Kissan Day” in Pakistan to pay tribute to the courage and resilience of Pakistani farmers. This proposal was not only applauded but also recognized by the Government of Pakistan and has been celebrated every year since 2019. In recognition of the untiring efforts by the ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative to uplift the social character and motivation of Pakistani farmers, it was recently bestowed with the prestigious “Digital Experience of the Year for Pakistan” award at the 2023 Asian Experience Awards during a special ceremony held in Singapore.
The ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative is firmly rooted in the belief that the nation’s economic growth is closely linked to the progress and prosperity of its dedicated farmers. ‘Salam Kissan’ aspires to elevate the lives of these unsung heroes and harness the power of digital innovation and technology to modernize the agriculture sector. By doing so, it will also equip Pakistan farmers with essential resources, knowledge and assistance so they can not only help to maximize food production but also protect our national food security.
Upon receiving the award, Rabel Sadozai, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Fatima Fertilizer, conveyed her gratitude, stating, “I am deeply humbled and honored to receive this prestigious accolade on behalf of my team, my company Fatima Fertilizer and my country”. She restated the pivotal role farmers play in the nation’s overall prosperity and pledged her dedication and commitment to providing them with an effective platform to engage with the policy-maker corridors.

Source: nation.com.pk

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