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Charges against PPP are politically motivated: Sherry Rehman

ISLAMABAD: Hours after former president Asif Ali Zardari directed his party to launch a strong protest against arrests of the party leaders, PPP today sought ‘explanations’ regarding the National Action Plan.

 Speaking at a press conference, PPP senior vice president Sherry Rehman said the PPP has always been leading the war against terror.

 “How can laws formulated against militants be applied on national politicians?” the PPP leader questioned.

 “How can you say that PPP is involved in terror financing?” she added. Also, senior PPP leader Qamar Zaman vowed to raise the matter at constitutional forums.

“It looks like politics of revenge is being carried out with the PPP,” she concluded.

Detained for 90 days, Asim Hussain, a petroleum minister in the previous PPP-led government, was blamed for involvement in terror and violence financing.

Earlier, a court issued an arrest warrant for former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, in a case alleging millions of dollars of graft in a trade development scheme.

The cases are the first of their kind against the PPP in a sweeping crackdown on violence and corruption spearheaded by the army this year.

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