Naila Kiani – A Woman of High Spirit and A Climber of High-Altitude Mountains

With her extraordinary accomplishments, Pakistani high-altitude climber Naila Kiani has earned a name for herself in the sport of climbing.

Naila Kiani, who was raised in the UK and was born in Rawalpindi, has an Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of London. She is a qualified boxer and rock climber.

During her first significant journey to the K2 base camp in 2018, Kiani’s enthusiasm for mountaineering was sparked. She persisted and proceeded to break down boundaries in the male-dominated sport in spite of encountering criticism and unfavorable remarks since she was a married lady with small children.

When Kiani reached the top of Gasherbrum-II in 2021, the world’s thirteenth-highest peak at 8,035 meters, she made history by being the first woman from Pakistan to climb an 8,000-meter mountain. She then went on to become the second woman from Pakistan to climb Mount Everest, which stands 8,849 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in the world. Only a few weeks had passed since she scaled the world’s tenth-highest peak, Annapurna I, when she accomplished this amazing achievement.

Kiani has scaled six 8000-meter mountains thanks to her perseverance and willpower, including Nepal’s Mount Lhotse, which is 8,516 meters high. She is now the first woman in Pakistan and the quickest woman in the nation to climb all six peaks that are higher than 8,000 meters.

Kiani has encountered several difficulties on her voyage, including adverse weather and real dangers like falling boulders, ice, and snow avalanches. However, she has been able to continue following her love for climbing because of her unbreakable spirit and the support of her husband and family.

Naila Kiani is an inspiration for both women and athletes, demonstrating the boundless potential of the human spirit and inspiring others to shatter social barriers and achieve their own climbing objectives. Kiani’s reputation in the mountaineering world is expanding as she sets her sights on scaling higher peaks in North Pakistan, including her dream mountain, K2.

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