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Maleeka Bokhari becomes top trend even day after quitting PTI 

Maleeka Bokhari becomes top trend even day after quitting PTI 

Even after parting ways with her party, former Federal Minister and the most prominent female leader in PTI, Maleeka Bokhari on second day of her announcement remained live in top trends on Twitter.

People from the Opposition, PTI, and different walks of life commented on her decision of leaving PTI in their own ways. It is worth mentioning here that Maleek Bokhari who was arrested in connection with May 9, incidents of ransacking across the country was released on Thursday from jail.

Immediately after her release, she held a press conference and announced her separation from PTI. During the press conference though she claimed that she was leaving party due to her personal reasons but her face was not supporting her claims and agony was very much evident from her sad face. She said that after leaving her party she would prefer to spend time with her family members.

Taking to Twitter, famous TV anchor Moeed Pirzada tweeted, “Maleeka Bokhari’s Painful Face said it all; the ugly reality behind these press conferences! Looking at how PDM has turned around the political narrative using the “May 9” events compels every thinking mind to think: If it was an accident or it was a plan to create a shocking event exploring PTI’s fears & insecurities? A plan to turn around the political narrative of past 13 months since April 2022?

Maria Memon, another TV anchor, tweeted, “Mujh pey Party Chohrnay Ka Koi Dabaao Nahi hai” ~ Maleeka Bokhari,”.

Social media user Amal Kamal said, “Maleeka Bokhari spent 16 days in a C class jail where cells hold as many as 15 prisoners when they were designed for 3. Overcrowding leads to communicable diseases such as scabies. No washroom is provided & female prisoners are subjected to mistreatment”.

Maleek Bokhari is the second prominent face in the PTI after Shireen Mazari who also quit the party for her family and her own health.

Maleeka Bokhari quits PTI

Source: Pakistan Observer

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