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Richest Man in UK 2023 Top 10 List, Net Worth, Family, Business Model

UK is now one of the most globalised economies, with 81% of its GDP coming from the service sector

By Urmila

The United Kingdom has become the sixth-largest economy in the world. And the major contributor to this is the Richest Men in the UK. they play a major role in the economy of the United Kingdom. Hence pour article is about the Top 10 Richest Man in UK in 2023. We not only tell you the name of the UK’s richest men but also serve you the Net Worth, Family, and  Business Models of these billionaires. Hence keep scrolling down the web page to familiarise yourself with the topic.

Richest Man in UK 2023

Many business tycoons who have made their name globally come from the UK. The list of the wealthiest people in the world also includes multiple personalities of the United Kingdom. These billionaires generate huge employment in the country.

United Kingdom’s government support Business opportunities in the country. The country is now one of the most globalised economies, with 81% of its GDP coming from the service sector. But by saying it the importance of the Business can’t be ignored. The history of the nation says it all, as the UK was the first nation to industrialize. People in the country have great business skills.  So for your knowledge, we have compiled the TOP 10 list of the Richest Man in the UK in 2023. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the topic.

Top 10 Richest Man in UK 2023

To serve you with the best possible information, we have collected information from various sources available regarding the Top 10 Richest Man in UK. So let’s get started.

  1. James Ratcliffe

Net worth $28.02 billion

Business Model: INEOS Chemical Group

Family: Three Children, Spouse: Amanda Townson (Divorced)

Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe is the CEO and chairman of INEOS Group Limited, A multinational chemical company founded in 1998. The annual turnover of the company in 2021 is estimated to be $ 65 billion. Ratcliffe is the 55th wealthiest man in the world. Despite of the Richest Man in the UK, he does not have a public profile. This is why a famous British newspaper described him as ‘Publicity Shy’.

Ratcliffe was awarded various accolades for his contribution to the business, including Petrochemical Heritage Award (2013), was appointed Knight Bachelor in the Birthday Homours (2018), and received an honorary fellowship by the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Ratcliffe is a great supporter of the famous football club Manchester United and has also expressed his interest in buying it.

  1. James Dyson

Net worth: $23 billion

Business Model:  Royal College of Art, Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

Family: Spouse: Deirdre Hindmarsh, Children: Three

James Dyson is most recognised for the invention of the dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. He is also the Second Richest Man in the UK in 2023, according to the Sunday Times Rich List. He serves as the head of the Royal College of Art University, a public research University in London. In 2017 he opened the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology University in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

  1. Michael Platt

Net worth: US$15.2 billion

Business Model:  BlueCrest Capital Management

Family: Not disclosed

Michael Platt is Britain’s richest hedge fund manager and the managing director and co-founder of BlueCrest Capital Management, a British American hedge fund. He co-founded the company with American businessman William Reeves in 2000. Michael Platt comes from a teaching background and studied Civil engineering but soon switched to mathematics and economics. He is a serial art lover and has a wide collection of art pieces in his home that has surprised everyone.

  1. Hinduja brothers

Net worth: US$32 billion

Business Model: Hinduja Group, Hinduja bank of Switzerland

Family: Brothers: Shrichand P Hinduja, Gopichand Hinduja, Ashoka P. Hinduja, Prakash Hinduja

The Hinduja Brothers have around US$100 billion of assets across the world, nearly half of it in America. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja founded the company Hinduja Group in 1914. He comes from a Sindhi family from India. Initially, they operated their business in Shikharpur, Pakistan and Mumbai, India and were forced to move to Europe due to the Islamic revolution. The group currently employs more than 2,00,000 people and has offices across the world. In 2017 Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja were the richest men in Britain, with an assessed wealth of $ 16.2 billion.

  1. Ian & Richard Livingstone

Net worth: $8.1 billion

Business Model:  London & Regional Properties

Family: Brothers Richard and Ian Livingstone

Ian & Richard Livingstone are British billionaire property developers. Two brothers owned properties across London. Ian Livingstone is married to Natalie Livingstone and shares three children, while Richard Livingstone is divorced from his wife, Claire Burns. Despite having a million-dollar wealth, the two brothers lead a simple life for the sake of their children.

Recently the two brothers finished the Panama Pacifico project, a master-planned city with Jaime Gilinski Bacal, a Colombian businessman. It has 20000 residential properties, industrial parks, and commercial space.

  1. Christopher Hohn

Net worth: $7.9 billion

Business Model: The Children’s Investment Fund Management

Family: Spouse: Kylie Richardson, four children with former wife, Jamie Cooper

Christopher Hohn is a British billionaire hedge fund manager. He founded The Children’s Investment Fund Management in 2003. The annual returns by the fund were proportionately allotted to The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation for the welfare of poor children in developing countries. Hohn, as of 2014, has given more than $4.5 billion to the foundation. He is recognised as the most generous philanthropist outside the US.

  1. Simon Reuben

Net worth: $6.7 billion

Business Model: Reuben Brothers

Family: Brother- David Reuben, Spouse- Joyce, Daughter- Lisa

An Indian-born British Businessman is a property investor.  UK’s Sunday Times Rich List named Reuben’s family as the second richest family in the UK. Initially, Simon imported carpets and sold them to customers. The money earned from this business is invested in property. By 2000 Simon, along with his brother, sold all their Russian assets to focus on the UK property market.

  1. David Reuben

Net worth: $6.7 billion

Business Model: Reuben Brothers

Family: Spouse- Debra, Brother- Simon Reuben

Both the brothers, Simon and David, built a fortune with real estate business and technology. Both brothers have built a huge wealth by investing mainly in properties. David joined the business world by starting a scrap metal business. In the 1970s and 80s, the brothers increased their wealth drastically by trading in metals and property.

  1. Cliver Calder

Net worth: $5.7 billion

Business Model: Zomba Group of Companies

Family: Spouse- Patricia, Children- Two

The South African-born British businessman is the co-founder of the Zomba Group with business executive Ralph Simon. He was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Initially, Calder and Simon founded the Zomba as an artist and Production management company but later extended to music publishing. In 1990 Simon bought all stakes in the company and became the sole owner. In 2018, Calder, with his son, took a 10% share in the  Cloud Imperium Games by investing $ 46 million.

  1. Anthony Bamford & family

Net worth: $5.6 billion

Business Model:  J. C. Bamford (JCB)

Family: Spouse-Carole, Lady Bamford

Anthony Paul Bamford, Baron Bamford is the chairman of J.C. Bamford. He took over the position following his father’s demise in 1975 at 30. His company manufactures equipment for construction, agriculture, demolition and waste handling. Bamford is a car lover and has a great collection of cars, including the rare Ferrari 250 GTO valued at more than $ 70 million.

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