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Copper Coins Discovered at Mohenjo Daro Excavation Site

A team of experts working at the historic site of Mohenjo Daro has unearthed a pot containing a trove of ancient copper coins.

The discovery occurred during ongoing conservation efforts, shedding new light on the rich history of this 5,500-year-old civilization. The find came to light when a group of laborers engaged in excavation work stumbled upon a collapsed wall. To their surprise, hidden within the debris was a pot filled with intricately crafted copper coins, providing a fascinating glimpse into the economic practices of the ancient inhabitants of Mohenjo Daro.

Director of Conservation and Preservation, Syed Shakir Shah, confirmed the discovery and revealed that the recovered coins had been dispatched to a laboratory for detailed analysis. This analysis aims to unravel the age of the coins, decode the language and numbers inscribed on them, and provide valuable insights into the economic and cultural practices of the ancient civilization.

Shah explained that the laborers initially uncovered the pot of coins during excavation but opted to rebury it. Subsequently, some of the workers notified officials from the archives department, who, upon receiving the information, took the initiative to unearth the hidden treasure.

While initial assessments by archaeologists suggest that these coins may date back centuries, Shah emphasized the need for cautious speculation. The exact time period and other crucial details surrounding the coins can only be confirmed post-laboratory analysis. The meticulous study will contribute to a more accurate understanding of Mohenjo Daro’s cultural and economic history.

Mohenjo Daro, often referred to as the “queen site,” stands as a testament to the extraordinary planning and administrative capabilities of the ancient civilization that once thrived there. This recent discovery further cements its significance as a pivotal archaeological site, providing researchers with a wealth of material to uncover and explore.

The anticipation builds among historians, archaeologists, and enthusiasts eager to unravel the mysteries concealed within these ancient copper coins. The findings promise to enrich our understanding of Mohenjo Daro’s past and contribute to the broader narrative of human civilization.

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