TechValley in Pakistan is leading the initiative, and it will place special emphasis on helping women participate in and profit from the program.


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Information Technology Board (KPTIB) has teamed with Google to give 5,000 scholarships for the most in-demand Google certifications to Pakistani residents via the ‘Grow with Google’ initiative. The initiative seeks to enhance the skills of KP’s young and assist them in pursuing better employment options on the global labour market.

TechValley is administering the program in Pakistan with an emphasis on giving women with opportunity to profit from the project. The worldwide scarcity of digital skills is a rising worry, with millions of unfilled positions due to a lack of competent individuals. According to estimates, 85 million positions may go unfulfilled by 2025 owing to a shortage of competent laborers.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has warned of a digital skills gap in Pakistan, including shortages in data analytics and cybersecurity. Develop with Google is a great start towards tackling this skills gap and equipping the youth of KP with the required abilities to thrive on the global job market.

The initiative is collaboration between the Higher Education Department of KP, the National Incubation Center Peshawar, Khawateen Rozgar Services, and the Social Welfare Department. Dr. Sahibzada Ali Mahmud, the Managing Director of KPITB, underlined the necessity of upskilling the young to fulfill the expectations of the digital era while speaking at the event. He added that the world is undergoing fast change and that young people must be prepared with the abilities necessary to succeed in the new digital age.

Grow with Google is a significant effort that will prepare Pakistani residents, especially the young and women, with the skills essential to thrive on the global job market. The relationship between KPTIB and Google is an important step in eliminating the digital skills gap and assuring Pakistan’s ability to participate in the global digital economy.

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