Khan stated in an exclusive interview with BBC Urdu that the attempted arrest was part of a broader plot known as the “London Plan.” Are the allegations a reality and imagination?

Imran reiterates ready to hold talks  with anybody for country 

Pakistan’s political landscape has been rife with controversy and drama since Imran Khan, the country’s prime minister, was tried to be arrested on Tuesday.  According to Khan, the present army devised this plot to restrict the scope of politics and exclusively attack him. He said that the establishment supports the government and that he is being wrongfully persecuted in over 80 instances.

Around the time of the Chief’s appointment, the establishment also questioned former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, prompting some to assume that this was part of the “London Plan.” Khan claimed that the plan has two components: the first is to remove him from office and the second is to get Sharif court-ordered relief.

According to former defence secretary and retired lieutenant general Khalid Naeem Lodhi, the first stage of the strategy failed because Sharif was not given a clean bill of health by the court. Lodhi asserts that the second phase of the plan is now being carried out, with Khan’s detention and impeachment serving as its primary component.

Several members of the establishment concur with Khan’s accusations, despite the fact that authorities have denounced them as unfounded and false. Senator Rana Maqbool, for instance, considers the ‘London Plan’ to be an abstract concept with no foundation in reality. Yet, former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf National Assembly member Alia Hamza Malik thinks that the proof is conclusive.

Malik asserts that the establishment is responsible for more than eighty lawsuits against Khan, with the intention of spreading unrest. As more evidence of the ‘London Plot,’ she cites the remarks of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, who has called for Khan’s arrest.

Uncertainty surrounds the facts of the ‘London Plan,’ but it is obvious that Pakistan’s political situation is growing more unpredictable. Khan’s assertions of being targeted by the establishment and his suspicions of a bigger conspiracy have exacerbated tensions and split the political landscape of the nation.

This political drama requires a conclusion at this time. Government, establishment, and opposition must collaborate to find a solution that respects democratic norms and the rule of law. Pakistan cannot progress towards a more secure and peaceful future unless this occurs.

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