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Holi Festivities Turn into Nightmare for Women

A 22-year-old Japanese woman in India had horrifying Holi celebrations after being harassed by a bunch of males.

During the Holi festival in India, women are often subjected to various forms of gender-based violence, such as sexual harassment, molestation, and assault. These crimes are committed under the guise of “celebration” and are often ignored or excused by the larger society. This type of behavior not only violates the basic human rights of women but also reinforces gender inequality and discrimination.

While the Holi festival has a long-standing cultural significance in India, it is important to question whether the unruly behavior that takes place during the festival is a result of cultural norms or simply an excuse for individuals to indulge in violent and abusive behavior. This critical analysis can help identify the underlying factors that contribute to this behavior and help create meaningful solutions that promote a safe and inclusive environment for everyone during the festival.

A video of a Japanese woman has been circulated on social media who is being harassed by a group of men while participating in Holi celebrations.

The woman was seen being grabbed and tormented by a mob while they spat colours and cracked eggs on her in a video that is currently going around on Twitter. Her face and the nape of her neck were covered in paint, and as she dove, another individual could be seen breaking an egg on her head.

She was quickly drawn close and held while others painted her with various colours.

As one of the mob members approached and smeared colour over her face forcibly once more, she was observed diving away from them. She slapped him and dashed into an alleyway to get away from the throng of people harassing her.

“Prima-facie, on the basis of landmark seen in the video, it seems that the video pertains to Paharganj, however, it is being verified on ground whether any such incident took place in that area or the video is old one,” said Delhi police.

According to the statement, the Paharganj police station has not received any calls or complaints regarding any type of inappropriate behaviour with any foreigners.

The police said in a statement, “an e-mail has been sent to Japanese embassy requesting for help in establishing the identity of the girl or any other detail about the incident.”

Using beat/division officers and local intelligence, the police are attempting to identify the youngsters seen in the video, and they have stated that once the information is confirmed, action will be taken.

Numerous people have reported the video to the National Commission for Women and the Delhi Police for action.

Several leaders have shared concerns and reacted to the video and are drawing Delhi Police’s attention to this incident.

In response to the video, the chairwoman of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, stated on Friday that the Delhi police have been given notice to investigate the footage and apprehend those responsible for the harassment.

BJP leader KhushbuSundar responds, “Sickening. The woman has to send a notice to NCW.”

To address the issue of gender-based violence during Holi and promote a safe and inclusive environment, it is crucial to implement effective policies and enforcement measures. This includes increasing police presence and enforcing strict penalties for individuals who commit acts of violence or abuse. It also involves creating awareness campaigns and educating people on appropriate behavior during the festival. By taking a comprehensive approach, India can create a culture of respect and inclusion that ensures everyone can celebrate Holi without fear of violence or abuse.

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