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How to quit smoking this Ramadan

How to quit smoking this Ramadan

Samayla Mahjabin Koishy

During the daytime hours of Ramadan, cigarettes or smoking while fasting of any kind is prohibited. If self-restraint is already ingrained in your mentality, the following ideas might offer the extra push you need to give up smoking for good.

A person who is trying to give up smoking may find that participating in activities throughout the month of Ramadan, such as visiting relatives, helping with the preparation of iftar or seheri meals, and praying helps keep them busy and provides assistance in doing so. Moreover, people may lessen their desire to smoke by taking measures like engaging in physical activities such as walking after iftar, consuming a large quantity of water after iftar, and avoiding the company of other individuals who smoke.

Quitting smoking during Ramadan is a great idea. Fasting has several health benefits and these advantages are most noticeable in former smokers who maintain a smoke-free lifestyle. Besides, the money saved by not buying cigarettes might be used toward other goals, such as rewarding oneself or supporting a worthy cause through donation.

By turning someone else’s adversity into positivity and becoming an inspiration to them, individuals will feel empowered to stick to their Ramadan resolution to give up smoking.

Several people have found success in kicking their smoking habit throughout the month of Ramadan by adhering to what is referred to in the scientific community as the “cold turkey” strategy, which is based on quitting smoking rapidly. Yet, some people who smoke may need the assistance of a trained expert in addition to nicotine replacement treatment to omit this habit. In that case, one must not be shy to seek help.

It is not a simple task to give up smoking. To be tobacco-free for good, one must have a solid plan, a strong drive to do so, enough awareness, and a compelling reason to do so. Fasting is just one part of the equation. Abstinence from food causes a reduction in the amount of nicotine in the blood, which makes it much simpler for smokers to forgo the habit. But, the most significant matter is the fact that almost all individuals can refrain from smoking for more than 12 to 14 hours. This shows a shred of evidence that they possess the ability to attempt and succeed in their quest to give up the smoking habit for good.

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