Bollywood’s ‘Badshah’ Shah Rukh Khan’s new film ‘Pathan’ is currently the center of attention of fans and critics with record business in one day and reviews based on different opinions are being discussed.


Shah Rukh has returned to Indian films after four years and many aspects of this film are being talked about. Even before it hit the big screen, the film became a topic of discussion.

The film stars Deepika Padukone and John Ibrahim in prominent roles, but the lead role of Pathan is played by Shah Rukh, who is on an intelligence mission to stop a terrorist attack against India.

Film analysts say that it can be counted among the super hit films of 2023.

According to Shubhra Gupta, the film is jam-packed with action, has likeable leads, and has a protagonist with a noble mission to rescue the planet. His music and dramatic performances have moved many.

Deepanjana Paul, however, has said that Pathan is the hero that modern Indian film needs. In his words, “a logical and disciplined individual who wants to perform his responsibilities in whatever situation has taken the position of the romantic hero.”

Certain members of the audience have claimed that key sequences in the film are implausible. In an article for the publication Mint Lounge, Uday Bhatia praised the film’s ridiculous level of fun and reconnaissance.

According to Nandini Ramantha, the audience became bored with the film because of the stunts and the script. But, he argued on the website Scroll, “the film gets back on track as Pathan’s action sequences occur and Abbas Tyrwala’s superb lines emerge and the hero speaks.”

Although some critics have raised objections to the story of the film, many fans have said that Shah Rukh has once again graced the cinema halls.

Film analyst Shubhra Gupta wrote in the Indian Express that ‘Bollywood is back. Shah Rukh is Back.” means that both Bali and Shah Rukh Khan have returned from this film.

Film analyst Taran Adarsh has said that the film was released on 8000 screens worldwide. This is the biggest opening for a Bollywood film. According to Yash Raj Films, Pathan earned Rs 106 crore on its first day of release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, which is the “biggest opening in the history of Hindi cinema”.

It has the “highest opening for any Hindi film,” he tweeted. Especially since there wasn’t a holiday, nor was it a sequel to a major motion picture, released on that day.

Audiences have mostly given the film positive reviews. A devoted viewer raved to the BBC about “Shah Rukh Khan’s performance, Salman Khan’s entrance (who makes a cameo role in the film), and Deepika’s Kamal dance.” It’s great for all ages, from little ones to grandma and grandpa.

However, not everyone liked the film’s plot and language. Someone commented, “It’s an ordinary film.” The actors and actresses all look great, but the film itself falls flat. Unfortunately, the story and script are not up to par. It’s a really brisk movie.

Theater owners have reported that ticket demand has been so great that they have added showings, although many fans have not been able to get tickets because of pre-booking.

In addition, Pathan has set a new benchmark for pre-sale reservations. BookMyShow, a ticketing company, informed the news agency PTI that they had sold over a million tickets for the film in advance by Monday, a number that is unparalleled.

The trailer of the film has been viewed more than five million times on YouTube.

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