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Nida Yasir And Waqar Zaka Controversy – All You Need to Know

Morning show host Nida Yasir has accused TV personality and Pakistan's "Bitcoin King" Waqar Zaka of orchestrating a campaign to have her fired from her position.

The revelation unfolded during Nida Yasir’s appearance as a guest on the GEO News talk show “Hasna Mana Hai,” hosted by Tabish Hashmi. In a segment where Yasir was shown pictures of various celebrities and asked to provide advice, the image of Waqar Zaka sparked a candid admission of grievances.

Addressing the camera, Nida Yasir did not mince words: “Waqar Zaka is not a good friend of mine. He tried to have me removed from my position as the morning show host. He actively campaigned against me.”

She continued, “He was really cordial and nice to me when we worked on the same channel, but he changed afterwards. I said that I was not responsible for you not working with the channel anymore.” Nida Yasir expressed bewilderment at the hostility she faced and the continuous efforts by Zaka to influence the management to terminate her.

Tabish Hashmi lightened the atmosphere with a joke, and Yasir laughed off the tension momentarily. The roots of this public feud trace back to their shared tenure at ARY Digital. In 2020, Nida Yasir faced backlash for inviting the family of a young girl who had tragically lost her life due to sexual abuse and violence. Waqar Zaka responded with a vlog, exposing discrepancies in Yasir’s narrative about the incident.

Despite Yasir denying any motive for ratings or publicity, Zaka pointed out the substantial revenue generated through advertisements during her program, hinting at a potential motive.

In the latest twist of the ongoing feud between TV personality Waqar Zaka and morning show host Nida Yasir, Zaka has hit back at allegations that he attempted to sabotage Yasir’s career during their tenure at ARY Digital.

Responding to these allegations, Waqar Zaka took to his X account on Sunday to set the record straight. He stated that he couldn’t respond earlier as he was occupied at Stanford University, California, USA. Zaka expressed the importance of closing the chapter and accused Yasir of manufacturing the controversy for ratings and publicity.

In a video message, Zaka revisited a contentious incident from 2020, where Yasir invited the parents of a girl who had tragically lost her life after experiencing sexual abuse. Zaka claimed that Yasir, in an attempt to gain sympathy and media support, misled the audience by stating that the parents had approached the channel through social activist Sarim Burney.

To support his claims, Zaka played a video featuring a supposed social activist who visited the child’s home and interviewed the father and uncle. According to Zaka, the men denied reaching out to the channel and clarified that they were contacted immediately after the girl’s body was discovered.

Attempting to debunk another of Yasir’s alleged lies, Zaka disputed the claim that the First Information Report (FIR) for the incident was registered only after the parents appeared on her show. In the video, the deceased child’s family reportedly informed the activist that the FIR was filed on the same day the girl disappeared, well before the show was aired.

Zaka concluded that Yasir was upset with him for exposing these alleged lies, further stating that he had even requested Salman Iqbal, a prominent figure in media, to replace Nida Yasir as the morning show host.

This latest exchange in the public feud sheds light on the deep-seated disagreements between the two media figures, with each party presenting a different version of events. Whether this dispute will find resolution or continue to escalate remains uncertain. The public, however, is left to navigate the complex narrative presented by both Nida Yasir and Waqar Zaka.

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