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Netflix is lowering its prices and these are the countries that qualify for discounts

Netflix is lowering its prices and these are the countries that qualify for discounts

By Timi Cantisano

A lot has been changing in the video streaming space over the past few months, with many of the major players increasing its prices, as the costs of operation rise to new levels and the competition becomes fiercer. With that said, we’re getting a bit of news today that reports that Netflix is actually going to decrease pricing on its plans, introducing new plan pricing to numerous countries across the globe. Unfortunately for those in the United States, this discount doesn’t apply, but it’s good to see Netflix making adjustments, as it tries to adapt to an ever-changing market

According to Amepere Analysis, Netflix will begin cutting pricing on its plans in regions like Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The streaming media company will be offering new pricing on its Basic, Standard, and Premium plans, with discounts ranging anywhere from 13 to 60 percent. When it comes to which countries will receive a discount, the data research and analytics firm shared a full list, which can be seen in the image above. Of course, not all of these discounts are impressive, but typically any kind of price decrease should be celebrated, especially when plans are already quite costly. So if you’re located in any of the regions listed above, be sure to check out your Netflix bill.

While Netflix has raised its prices over the past year, with its most recent price increase occurring towards the beginning of last year, the company has also introduced new ad-supported and cost friendly plan to its service. Currently, the ad-supported tier is live and costs $6.99 per month, being available in over ten countries. Of course, Netflix has been in an awkward position for the better part of the last few months, as it announced its ban on password sharingexpanding it to regions like Canada earlier in February. While lower pricing in certain regions is nice, it’ll be interesting to see how the firm navigates the streaming landscape over the next couple of years.

Courtesy: XDA Developers

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