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Bombay High Court To Decide On Mushtaq Nadiadwala’s Custody Of His Kids Staying In Pakistan

Filmmaker Mushtaq Nadiadwala is currently fighting for the custody of his kids, who are staying in Pakistan with their mother.

Aashna Nadkarni

Producer Mushtaq Nadiadwala has been seeking the custody of his two children, a 9-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter, who are currently residing in Pakistan with their mother and her family. According to the recent reports by the Free Press Journal, the Bombay High Court will take up the final hearing plea after the filmmaker’s counsel pointed out if children could give consent which country they wanted to live in.

A bench headed by Justice Revati Mohite-Dere was hearing the petition filed by Nadiadwala. He had alleged that his estranged wife, a Pakistani national, went to see her family along with the kids during the COVID-19 pandemic, but never came back. If the reports are to be believed that she has approached a court in Pakistan so that she can be declared as the guardian of the two children. Even the filmmaker has filed multiple petitions not only in Mumbai but also in Pakistan, to seek the custody of his kids.

As per the media publication, the high court had asked the Interpol, earlier, to present a report on the well being of the kids. According to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), their counterparts in Pakistan had approached the filmmaker’s estranged wife and kids through Interpol. The agency had gone on to submit a report which stated that the children were happy living with their mother, uncle and grandmother in Pakistan. The report further stated that the children have consented to staying there. The court had issued a notice to his wife, however she wasn’t represented by any lawyer.

During the hearing conducted on Monday, Nadiadwala’s counsel Beni Chatterji stated that since the children were born in India, they were Indian citizens. He went on to raise the issue on whether kids can give consent on staying in another country. The filmmaker was also asked if he was able to talk to his kids and which schools they are attending there. Giving a positive response, his counsel also stated that his wife’s mother and brother ask him for money every time he calls. The counsel clarified that the producer sends money to the family for his kids’ expenses and has even offered to get them admissions in the best schools in Dubai or anywhere else internationally.

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