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Bollywood Filmmaker Boney Kapoor Speaks Up About Sridevi’s Death

Kapoor discussed the difficulties he confronted as a suspect in his wife's unexpected death.

Nearly five years after the tragic demise of his wife, the legendary Bollywood actress Sridevi, the renowned Bollywood director Boney Kapoor has finally cast light on the subject in an interview with The New Indian.

After a comprehensive examination of investigative reports and “certain other evidence,” Kapoor concluded that Sridevi’s demise was the result of drowning. He disclosed, “They also determined there was no foul play, and I was subjected to all the rigorous interrogations they administered, including a lie detector test. According to the autopsy report, the victim drowned by accident.

In addition, the director disclosed that his late wife’s extreme dietary regimen had a significant impact on her overall health. Before her ‘accidental’ death, Sridevi had encountered blackouts, according to Kapoor. Due to her low blood pressure, doctors had advised her against maintaining a strict diet and avoiding sodium.

“Many women believe that sodium causes water retention, resulting in a puffy appearance. This was among the causes. I frequently advised her not to eliminate salt entirely and even suggested she sprinkle a teaspoon on her salads, Kapoor recalled. According to him, “Dubai Police told me that we had to go through it because of pressure from the Indian media.”

Sridevi regrettably passed away in a Dubai hotel suite on February 24, 2018. Her official cause of death was determined to be incidental drowning, despite the fact that her demise generated much speculation and intrigue.

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