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‘Discovery Pakistan’ announces its new Chairman

‘Discovery Pakistan’ announces its new Chairman

ISLAMABAD: ‘Discovery Pakistan’ is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Barker as Chairman of the well-established travel and tour company.

An experienced hotelier, motivational speaker, author and marine conservationist, Charles has a background in running and establishing hotels, clubs, resorts and tourism development projects all over the world, including two previous engagements in Pakistan.

Although British, he lives in Islamabad and is dedicated to assisting the development of sustainable tourism throughout the country and providing consultancy services for the hospitality industry in general.

“This fabulous country is the best-kept secret in the world of travel and tourism destinations,” claims Charles. ‘Discovery Pakistan’ is committed to sharing the secret and developing an environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism industry that benefits the nation and its friendly, hospitable people.”

Managing Director, Nazim Ullah Baig, a veteran of the tourist industry for twenty years, said, ‘Discovery Pakistan’ has been hosting tours and providing support services to mountaineering and other adventure expeditions since 2018. We are delighted to have Charles join us so that we can now develop and expand the tourism product in Pakistan in a responsible and proactive manner, bringing benefits to all stakeholders and championing this great country to take its rightful place in international tourism community.”

Source: The Day Spring

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