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Champions of Change Coalition welcomes Jazz CEO as newest member

Champions of Change Coalition welcomes Jazz CEO as newest member

LAHORE – Champions of Change Coalition, a globally recognized, high-profile coalition working to achieve change on gender equality issues has welcomed Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim as its newest member. Fiza Farhan, Convenor Champions of Change Coalition Pakistan, inducted Aamir Ibrahim into the coalition at a ceremony held at the Jazz Digital Headquarters, Islamabad. 

The Champions of Change Coalition Pakistan works with local leaders and organizations to redefine strategic action on gender inequality through strategic learning, knowledge sharing, collective agency, and action. By agreeing to be a part of the coalition, Aamir Ibrahim has reiterated his commitment to achieving greater balance in gender representation at Jazz, especially at leadership levels, and to fostering a workplace where people are empowered to reach their full potential. 

“At Jazz, we have always paved the way for gender equality and a safe workplace for all. Inclusivity is at the heart of all our policies, and I’m committed to share best practices with fellow Champions of Change leaders to ensure we create a ripple of sustainable change within organizations that contributes towards improving lives and livelihood,” said Aamir Ibrahim.

Jazz is dedicated to enhancing diversity and women’s empowerment within its business model and focuses on uplifting women in the society through the power of the internet. Female specific products and services are designed to help address many of the wider gender inequalities by digitally enabling them to access health, financial, and other life-enhancing services. The company’s digital financial service, JazzCash, under the GSMA Connected Women Commitment Initiative, has committed to increase the proportion of women in their mobile money customer base by 2023. In addition, all its sustainability programs ensure 50% women participation ranging from urban to rural areas so women can lead the change. 

“Many organizations invest resources in increasing gender diversity but miss out on its potential benefits, partly because of lack of CEO commitment to gender diversity as a top strategic priority. Research has shown that organizations where women are given equal opportunities to learn, grow, and be productive employees, have better financial and operating performance, along with higher market presence and brand image. In Pakistan as well, in line with the global understanding of the role and importance of women, and the shift towards empowerment and diversity, many organizations have now taken a key role embracing this change. I have always believed that change comes from the top and it gives me great pleasure to welcome Aamir Ibrahim and Jazz to this global coalition of leaders working together to understand gender equality issues and lead action to accelerate progress in creating more inclusive and progressive organizations in Pakistan” said Fiza Farhan. 

Source: The Nation

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