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The Bank of China is Strengthening Economic Ties with Pakistan

The opening of the Bank of China's Islamabad office is just another illustration of how Pakistan and China have a history of supporting one another through difficult times.

The Bank of China (BOC) was officially created in February 1912 with Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s blessing, establishing a legacy that has captivated the financial world for more than a century. With operations in more than 50 nations, The Bank of China is famous for its banking knowledge and experience in the global market. It has gained distinction on the international scene as one of the most diverse and user-friendly banks, maintaining the designation of a Globally Systemically Important Bank for over 11 years in a row.

Strong commercial relations exist between Pakistan and China, and in order to further these ties, the Bank of China established offices in Karachi in 1942. But because of the circumstances surrounding Bangladesh’s war of independence in 1971, the Bank of China stopped operating in Pakistan and gave the Pakistani government its assets, totaling Rs. 201 million. After a 46-year break, Pakistan finally gave the bank permission to resume operations in Clifton, Karachi, in 2017. The bank’s ceremonial opening ceremony was held in Aiwan-e-Sadr, and business started the next day.

This reopening took place on the same day that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) celebrated its tenth anniversary. On July 31, with close to 100 attendees, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Deputy Governor of the People’s Republic of China, Xuan Changneng, jointly opened the BOC office in Islamabad. On August 1st, the branch opened for business. Ishaq Dar, Pakistan’s finance minister, thanked the Chinese government for hosting the event and provided encouraging information on Pakistan’s improving credit rating as reported by international rating agencies. This ranking demonstrates Pakistan’s economic growth and stability.

The Pakistani government was commended by Deputy Governor Xuan Changneng for its consistent economic cooperation and the growing bilateral requirements. This effort not only improves the links between the two nations, but it also promotes cooperation amongst the nations involved. Ishaq Dar underlined that these measures are “milestones in expanding economic and bilateral trade cooperation.”

The Bank of China’s President, Lu Jin, emphasized that the branch’s inauguration would help advance the Belt and Road Initiative and have a substantial impact on Pakistan’s infrastructure and commerce growth. Li Yong, the Counselor of Commercial Affairs of China, emphasized that China has been Pakistan’s main trading partner for nine years running. The bank’s activities in the capital will strengthen the economic ties between the two nations and have a favorable effect on CPEC’s multilateral connections.

The launch of this bank seems to be a successful effort on the part of Pakistan to improve its economic ties. It will make it easier to deal internationally, exchange currencies, and provide better financial structures and trade facilities. Through this endeavor, the Chinese government has acknowledged Pakistan as a powerful and affluent country, which is very significant. It is clear from how this new chapter is developing that both countries are dedicated to working together to create a more promising economic future.

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