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Gold Price Decreases in Pakistan and What It Means for You?

It's worth noting that the international market's gold rate also experienced a decrease of up to $15 per ounce, which contributed to the local price adjustment.

gold price in pakistan

The value of gold in Pakistan has recently experienced a decline, and while this shift is in line with fluctuations in the global market, it holds the potential to impact consumers, investors, and the jewelry industry at the local level. The latest rates are subject to change based on international factors and domestic demand.

As of Monday, gold rates in Pakistan mirrored the trends in the international market, with this precious metal trading at Rs200,100 per tola. This marks a notable decrease of Rs1,900 from the previous rate. Gold, often considered a safe-haven asset, is sensitive to shifts in market sentiment and external influences. Consequently, these adjustments can have far-reaching consequences for local consumers, investors, and Pakistan’s jewelry industry.

Gold prices in Pakistan saw a decline, with a 10-gram gold unit being sold for Rs171,553 following a reduction of Rs1,629. This correction in prices comes on the heels of a significant Rs4,900 increase per tola in gold rates that were observed just last Saturday. 

In contrast to gold, silver prices have remained stable at Rs2,500 per tola. The precious metals market is influenced by a multitude of global factors, rendering it susceptible to fluctuations in prices that have the potential to affect local consumers, investors, and Pakistan’s jewelry industry.

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