British Menswear Is Having a Peacock Moment, Says Patrick Grant

In a recent interview, renowned British fashion designer and entrepreneur Patrick Grant said that menswear is experiencing a “peacock moment.”

The most recent runway displays and street fashion trends validate Grant’s views. This season, London Fashion Week featured an abundance of eye-catching outfits, including large pinstriped suits, colourful knitwear, and striking outerwear. Even traditional tailoring firms such as Burberry and Paul Smith have adopted a more diverse look, combining classic features with unexpected accents such as acid-bright colours and streetwear-inspired accessories.

According to Grant, who is the creative director of the Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons and the founder of the ready-to-wear label E. Tautz, men’s fashion in the United Kingdom is undergoing a period of experimentation and individuality, with a focus on bright colours, playful patterns, and unconventional silhouettes.

This tendency towards peacocking is in part due to the increasing impact of social media and street style culture. With Instagram and TikTok fostering a new generation of fashion influencers and style idols, menswear has a renewed emphasis on self-expression and originality. Guys are increasingly embracing the power of fashion to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, there is still plenty place in British clothing for classic elegance and subtle refinement. This is an excellent moment to explore with colour, texture, and pattern for individuals who are feeling courageous and adventurous. As Patrick Grant puts it, “we must appreciate the fact that men are so open to experimenting and having fun with fashion.” So why not emulate the peacocks and flaunt your feathers?

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