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Animal Abuse – Daily Times

Animal Abuse – Daily Times

In developed countries, acts of animal abuse sound alarm bells for the authorities because one who appears unmoved by the gory violence is much, much more likely to commit crimes against humans.

A terrible Venn Diagram suggests that almost 83 per cent of victims of domestic violence in the US report their partner used to hurt a pet. The number creeps to an even higher 88 per cent in the case of child abuse. However, all rationale gets thrown out of the window the moment we write closer to home where cruelty to stray dogs, cats and donkeys is a cherished pastime. Against such an apathetic background, Karachi Police deserves a pat on its back for (ironically, doing its job) detaining a man reported to “horrifically” hang a street dog.

Cautious optimism follows as the authorities are unclear about what legislation to charge him under. The law may be clear with regard to any brutality against a pet dog but the underlying ambiguity allows crowds to cheer on as boys strangulate puppies with wires and beat them to their death. We continue to sit through this moral degradation unfazed and then wonder why mass lynchings are becoming a norm.

That what is responsible for such a twisted mentality that mutilates children as young as five-year-old is often echoed as we conveniently forget the tried-and-tested “Link” between animal abuse and the safety of people around the perpetrators used to develop killer profiles by the FBI. Taking note of the brazen mistreatment is the first step in the right direction but it needs to be followed by many, many more.

Prosecution of th accused as per law and debates in the parliament to amend the provisions in a bid to provide blanket immunity to all animals is crucially needed. Animal rights activists and organisations should also work towards a mass awareness campaign so that empathy can be re-inculcated. Not everyone may love animals but there is no space for such vile displays of hatred. *

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