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Amar Khan SCOLDED during LIVE SHOW

Amar Khan SCOLDED during LIVE SHOW

Prominent Pakistani actress Amar Khan has lately been spotted getting targeted with hilarious yet lethal bashes emerging from her mother’s end during a TV transmission.

Amar Khan has lately reposted an older video of herself over her Instagram handle during which she can be seen confronting hilarious roasting by her mom, the video has successfully become the source of ultimate amusement over social media.

The media personality has reposted the video with a joyful caption which reads: “Punjabi mothers will always be one of their kind, lethal.” 

However, the circulating video clip, which Amar khan has posted, features an engrossing segment of the show during which the veteran actress Fareeha Jabeen has made sure to indulge in a Punjabi roasting session in order to address her daughter Amar Khan, successfully depicting the ‘typical mom culture’, when mothers indulge in heavy ‘taunts’ in order to make their children understand a certain point.

However, it is pertinent to mention here that mothers roasting their children might end up provoking a destructive impact sometimes specially when kids are quite young and their mental capabilities have the ability to be structured to any kind of mindset, especially with the nature of environment they experience on day-to-day basis.

Fareeha Jabeen has  stated during the span of the video clip: “I advised Amar that she is young and she should do acting as it pays good earnings.”

The senior lady also stated: “Yeh manti nahi hai meri baat, apni marzi karti hai. (Amar does not listen to me at all and always does whatever she desires).

“Sometime I feel she (Amar) is my mom. I have learnt a lot from her. Education have its advantages, trust me.” Fareeha Jabeen concluded.

Source: 24 News

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