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Actress Veena Malik wishes to marry a ‘religious man’

Actress Veena Malik wishes to marry a ‘religious man’

Famous Pakistani film and drama actress Veena Malik shared her wish of marrying a religious man.

While talking in an interview, she unveiled her wish of marrying a religious man because he would be God-fearing.

Belonging from Pakistan, when questioned will she settle down with any Hindu guy, she answers, “I have not been travelling with a burqa on. Being independent I do agree that I take my own decision. But belonging to Muslim religion I will surely like to get married to a Muslim.”

“Actually it is always safe to belong to the religion and traditions you follow even after marriage. Inter-cast marriages can ruin my married life.” And added, “I believe in the institution of marriage.

Also, I have seen my family members enjoying a blissful married life. I too would love to belong to the man forever after getting married.”

So, when questioned whether she split up with Ashmit Patel merely because he was not a Muslim? She replied, “Well! It is all now a past. So I do not want to discuss anything about it.”

When questioned when Veena will get married pictures, she says, “I am keeping my fingers crossed and am all set to tie the knot sometime in 2015. Will it be a Sheikh or someone from Dubai?

Well, I am not sure myself but yes I am contemplating to get married to a Muslim. I have been living in Dubai for many years now. So could be someone from Dubai.” 

Source: The Nation

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