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Our Vision

Cover Page is a go-to platform for reliable, authentic, and real-time news from across the globe. It is a goldmine for international organizations, foreign ambassadors, and Pakistanis to stay in touch with everything happening – on a single platform. We bring information from all reliable electronic and print media, so you don’t have to hop on different platforms. Cover Page presents all that information under one umbrella.

You have an opportunity to explore global news in your language with Cover Page’s multilingual website. Our next-gen search engine filtering lets you find your desired information, from any country, in a single search. Whether you want to catch up on trade news from Middle East or read opinion articles on the foreign policy of United States, Cover Page will take you to the news in just a few steps.

Cover Page is an independent and unbiased platform that covers politics, economy, finance, trade, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, education, and more. We have industry experts and veterans on-board who share their expertise via blogs, videos, and more. Cover Page brings you insightful content from foreign diplomats, foreign policy advisors, think tanks, and prominent journalists from across the globe.

We envision Cover Page as one of the most reliable and comprehensive news platforms for a global audience. It’s authentic, value-additional, and data-rich.