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3-week course of civil servants at Akhuwat College University concludes – Daily Times

Putting all of the abilities into learning and resolving the problems of public, particularly the downtrodden segments of the society, by employing international best practices as well as devising out of the box solutions while keeping in view the local needs is the epitome of civil service. The country needs civil servants who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills required to address modern day issues. The initiative undertaken by Civil Service Academy in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation is appreciable as it would help young civil servants to understand the problems of poor people and find the pertinent solutions. This initiative is also in line with the agenda of present government to reform civil service. This was stated by Special Assistant to PM on Establishment, Mr. Mohammad Shehzad Arbab while chairing an event at Akhuwat College University, Kasur to conclude the three weeks training exercise of officers of 49th Common Training Programme (CTP).

The participants of the event included Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, Founder and Executive Director Akhuwat Foundation, Mr. Omer Rasul, Director General Civil Service Academy, faculty of Civil Service Academy and officers of 49th CTP.

During 49th CTP, presently undergoing training at the Civil Services Academy, a training exercise has been designed to provide the probationary officers with a first-hand opportunity to observe on ground realities faced by the under privileged. The probationary officers were attached with individual households selected in poor communities in and around Lahore. This exercise has provided an opportunity to undertraining officers to cultivate and nourish the qualities of empathy and compassion for the under privileged segment of country.

Akhuwat Foundation facilitated in implementation of this exercise and helped Civil Service Academy in selection of households and monitoring.

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